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Startup Kaffeine

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Upstairs Startup Hub Bathurst is launching a new program called Startup Kaffeine, to teach the art of entrepreneurship in the Central West Region.

In October of 2018, Upstairs was able to secure funding from Jobs For NSW through the Local Startup Kaffeine programme for early-stage startups and will kick start an investment pathway for Startups looking to gain funding. Startup Kaffeine will also improve outcomes for startups by forming an alliance of startup spaces in the Central West region that will be supported by online resources, live streaming and collaboration.

Startup Kaffeine is a short, sharp, engaging course that will run for 2 hours per week over six weeks at venues near you with some classes also being run online. Startup Kaffeine was designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in regional and rural Australia. Julia Learson, the Head of Community at Upstairs Startup Hub, is leading this project with a focus to build the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Central West.

Startup Kaffeine encourages anyone with a good idea to take that leap to learn how to be an entrepreneur and grow their idea into a viable business. Over six exciting weeks, the new startups will be surrounded by a cohort of other aspiring entrepreneurs to be mentored and supported by local and international business experts, resulting in a live pitch to potential investors, customers and supporters, and a professional promo video for their website.

The course begins on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 at 10 am. Apply now via or call Julia Learson on 0411 337 444


Moving Home Guide

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Some people would consider moving house a nightmare and a half. From booking removalists to decluttering, we know these tasks can cause unnecessary stress to any new home owner. That’s why we have come up with some easy ways to keep your stress levels down and move in no time.

Preparation is key!

To prepare for M day (moving day), a lot of time is needed. If unprepared and unorganised, M day can easily turn into D day (Dooms day). So preparation is key when moving homes, you can start of by assessing what will be moving with you to your new home and what will be thrown in the skip or sold. This is an important step before considering a removal company because it will help you understand how much furniture you will be moving. Do you really want the old lounge chair that the cat destroyed? No, throw it in the skip. By categorising items into ‘Keep’, ‘Sell’, ‘Donate’ and ‘Skip’, you could potentially save yourself some money in moving costs.           

Update everything

Updating your contact details is a crucial part of moving. Most organisations allow you to update your mailing address online or over the phone. Don’t forget to have your address changed on your driver’s licence as well as on the electoral roll. You can also organise mail redirection to your new address, so you don’t miss out on any important letters.

Electricity and gas

Organising your electricity and gas before you move in will prevent cold showers and no power. This task should normally be organised one week before M day. During this time arrangements should also be made for connecting and disconnecting of all other services with your utility providers such as phone, internet, water and pay TV.    

Mr fluffy is a priority!

If you think moving houses is a nightmare and a half, your pets are probably stressed out too. Plan ahead and organise for a family member or friend to look after them while you make the move. Once settled you can introduce them into their new home with no stress or injuries to your pets. 

M Day

Ok so you have followed all our preparation steps, now it’s moving day. Be prepared for a long day ahead, so snacks are always good to have. To keep your family volunteers and moving team happy, snacks such as fruit, muesli bars, small packet chips, crackers and chocolates will keep hungry bellies at bay. Also staying hydrated by having water bottles on hand will help the day run smoothly.

We hope these moving preparation tips make your M day as stress free as possible.  



RBA rate cut June 2019

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In response to the RBA’s decision to reduce the official interest rate the Bank is currently reviewing our rates and preparing recommendations for our Board who meet later this month. As always we will consider the interest of all members including depositors and borrowers whilst ensuring we continue to maintain our exceptionally strong prudential management of your Bank.